Compassion HomeCare is committed to quality of care and service. Participation in the accreditation process is a key action by which we measure our clinical and operational performance against established health care provider standards. It enables us to identify opportunities to improve patient care and service in a way that is transparent and holds us accountable to our communities.

Accreditation Canada’s accreditation program—developed over 55 years—has a high degree of recognition in the international health care community. The Accreditation Canada approach has evolved into an ongoing, interactive, 48-month Qmentum cycle that aligns well with our philosophy of continuous quality improvement.

We are very proud to announce that in June (2018), Compassion HomeCare received Accreditation Primer Award from Accreditation Canada.

Compassion HomeCare strives to provide the best health care service in Newfoundland & Labrador because we think you & your family deserve it. That’s why we went through this vigorous accreditation program.
Contact us if you want to experience the Compassion HomeCare difference. We are proud to offer the following accredited services: